DSC_0563 (2)Welcome! So glad to have you on our journey! In 2018, after my seventh significant move, inspired by minimalism and motivated by a deep yearning to get more out of my life, not just have more, I moved into our 200 square foot Airstream with my toddler, husband, and two dogs. My family has upsized, downsized and adjusted depending on the lifestyles and cultures of the different locales we’ve had to make our homes in but this move by far is the most extreme.

I was born in New York, raised in New Jersey and after living in too many states to count and a foreign country in between, I now reside in Houston, TX which serves as our home base for our tiny, mobile life. Here I share my passion for all things related to travel, culture, food, lifestyle, and the experiences that follow.

“Christine’s Bistro” was a nickname affectionately given to my home by a close friend which has followed us in every place we have lived. If you like what I’m serving up feel free to stay awhile, sign up for updates or hang out with us on Instagram @christinesbistro.

Life’s all about the journey!


Christine and crew!