Hi! I’m Christine. I’m a mother, wife, writer, and traveler just trying to navigate the road less traveled by embracing change and keeping a sense of adventure. Our lifestyle is nomadic and my happy place lies somewhere between my family and professional goals. I believe in keeping an open home and an open mind and with that I am deeply passionate about food, culture and entertaining. 

Born in New York, raised in New Jersey and with a lot more states and a foreign country in between I now reside in the amazing city of Houston, Texas with my husband, son and two dogs. I work full-time for a translations company and just try to juggle it all as best I can. I love what I do, where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished and even when I’m the new girl in town I try to hang on to a certain level of tenacity, striving for balance and acceptance that evolves with the opportunities we have and the challenges we face.

“Christine’s Bistro” is a nickname affectionately given to my home by a friend which has followed us in every place we have lived. Everyone is welcome, I’m always cooking and our lives are shared. I’d like to extend that feeling of connection and inspiration to you so, welcome, if you like what I’m serving up, feel free to stay awhile!

Yours truly,


Meet the regulars…

Ryan-Husband, Father, Engineer, Army Veteran, Mariner. California born, adventurous, hardworking and kind. When I tell you this man has seen it all and done it all, I’m not kidding!

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Hank-Our sweet little boy. He’s a road warrior and my sidekick. Ohio born. Adventurous like his Dad but with an independent spirit all his own. Photogenic to the point where it’s mildly ridiculous.

 IMG_1136web IMG_1135web

Schnitzel-Our feisty rescue pup. Oklahoma born. She’s cute and cuddly but don’t mess with her because she means business.

Lexie-Our snuggle bug. Rescue pup. Oklahoma born. If you’ve got a lap or a couch, she will make herself right at home.