I grind, I can’t guarantee that I shine, but I try. A daily journal of everything in between. 

June 22, 2018

The horrific things happening at our border weighs on me so much right now, and I wrestled with writing about it, but my conscience wouldn’t allow me not to speak on behalf of these immigrants seeking refuge. I read an interesting quote that said, “a mother does not put her child on a boat unless the water is safer than the land.” These immigrants seeking asylum are suffering yet being met with hostility and contempt upon arrival in America a place that might be their only hope to survive. It’s morally wrong. I can recognize that there is evil in this world and there will always be evil in this world but growing up as an American I was always convinced that we were a guiding force of good. That in America we respected the rights humans deserved above all, and I feel let down by our leadership. I was never naïve enough not to understand there is inherent evil in this world, but I guess I was naïve enough to believe we stood for more. I hope this is a horrible mistake our country will work hard to correct. 


June 20, 2018

This entry goes out to my sister! Happy Birthday! Hank’s always been funky, and he wasn’t going to tone it down for your birthday. When I told him it was time to FaceTime (you of course) he put his shades on ready to wish you the happiest of days! He knows you appreciate his funky fresh style. We love you Aunt Dinana! We hate that we live so far away, but that’s why we are on wheels now so we can bring our home to you and well…lots of other places too but you’re right at the top of our list. 

June 17, 2018

My husband is a very low maintenance guy. He always has been, but he really hit the bottom of the low maintenance totem pole when he requested to go to a gas station to celebrate Father’s Day. I told him he could go anywhere he wanted today. We get in the car, I ask him “so where do you want to go” and he says Buc-cees which is a gas station. Granted it’s like the ultimate gas station where not only can you get gas but you can get deer corn, brisket, fudge, children’s clothes, coolers and even a last minute wedding gift if you are in a jam but it’s still a gas station. So we went, we lunched on the tailgate and picked up all the silly things we normally we wouldn’t buy on a typical road trip and had a blast. Then we went to Bass Pro to look at canoes, and our redneck fairytale ended with burgers on the grill outside the Airstream. Ahhh Texas…does it get any better? Maybe…at actual restaurants with tables and chairs but who am I to deny my husband his happiness on his special day?

June 17, 2018

Full-time RV life or our Airstream life as I like to call it has opened my eyes to a kinder and more open way of life. The RV park we are currently at is in Houston right outside the Med Center, so a number of people here are living here while seeking treatment at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. This has been humbling, to say the least. Hank and I met a woman one day while she was out walking her dog then a few days later she knocked on our door and asked if she could read to Hank. I said, sure! Please, take him off my hands, be my guest! He was being a typical two-year-old that day, and I was insanely grateful for this woman just to come up and ask to do something so out of the blue. She told me a bit about their story. She and her husband are here from El Paso while he is being treated for Leukemia. They haven’t been home in months, missed Christmas, and you can tell she misses her volunteer work with children and their family. I was just so taken aback by her kindness despite all that she has to handle. We exchanged numbers, and I hope to return the favor to her someday soon. Since moving to Houston, I’ve avoided the Med Center as much as possible. I even declined a great apartment because MD Anderson is a painful reminder of what wasn’t possible for my family. In looking back, that seems ridiculous. Since moving to this RV park every day I interact with others fighting cancer with such strength and such grace. They remind me of what the human spirit is capable of and the kindness and support we all owe each other.